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We Specialize in Myofascial Release

The John Barnes' Myofascial Release (MFR) approach is a safe, gentle and consistently effective approach

to treating myofascial restrictions caused by a source of trauma or after an inflammatory response.

MFR, both on it’s own and in conjunction with other therapies, is a very effective hands on technique that

provides gentle sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions in order to eliminate pain, headaches,

and restore motion.  Whether you are looking for relief from tension and stress or pain management. 

Our therapist will use a combination of techniques to meet your individual needs.


30 Minutes     $40.00

45 Minutes     $55.00

60 Minutes    $70.00

90 Minutes    $95.00

120 Minutes    $140.00

We also offer

Cold Stone Therapy for Migraine and Headache, and Cupping Therapy additional $20 per session.

Ask about our specials. Packages available.

Gift certificates are available for any occasion.

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